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In aluminium, the perfect choice is ORALIUM

Welcome to Oralium

The largest seller of Aluminium Roofing solutions, Oralium is a brand that crusades for superior quality and refreshing variety. Championing the use of original 3105 aluminium alloy for roofing and cladding, Oralium is a name associated with trust and international quality. Be it industrial, commercial or residential, Oralium has an array of options that are low on maintenance and high on resale value.

Cut to Length

Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets can be ordered in any length desired by you. Oralium manufactures custom length sheets upon order so as to ensure little or no wastage giving picture perfect finish.

Light Weight

Oralium Aluminium alloy sheets are only about 2.70gm/cm3 dense. Being so light, yet strong and manageable makes them perfectly suitable for large and small roofing and cladding purposes.


Built to last, Oralium is made of superior quality aluminium alloys. Only highly durable materials have gone into its composition. Consequently, your Oralium Roofing Sheets require no maintenance.

Corrosion Resistant

Oralium Roofing Sheets display particularly good endurance in corrosive atmosphere in comparison to galvanized sheet.

Non Friable

Being non-fragile, Oralium roofing sheets are not susceptible to breakage or cracks during transit or erection.

Thermal Insulation

Oralium reflects radiant heat to a great extend owing to purity and perfect chemical treatment with low thermal emissivity.

Light on Sub-structures

Oralium is the lighter on sub-structures compared to that of sub-structure of asbestos or steel roofing sheets.

Fire Resistant

A safe bet, Oralium Aluminium Sheets are non-combustible and non-sparking. Non-flammability is an important attribute .

Quick & Easy Installation

Oralium roofing sheets allow for easy transportation and installation. As they are not brittle, they do not break during erection.

Why choose Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets?

GI sheets that claim the lifespan of Aluminium, only has a coating of Aluminium over its base metal which is essentially iron. These sheets are sure to rust over a period of time. Being original aluminum makes Oralium last forever, without losing its beauty.

AttributeOrdinary Metal Roofing SheetOralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets
Long-lastingGets rusted under rain and moistureNever gets rusted and lasts longer
Weight3 times heavier than aluminiumCompared to other roofing sheets, Oralium aluminium roofing sheets are one third times lighter
Structural Cost Since it is heavy, more cost will be incurred for structural workSince Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets are light, less cost will be incurred for structural work
Heat Resistance Compared to Aluminium, it has less resistance against heat Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets resists heat, efficiently
Resale Value No resale valueExcellent resale value
Profile/DesignLimited profilesDifferent profiles
Cut to lengthStandard lengthsAvailable as per customer requirement
ColoursLimited colour options Wide range of attractive colour options
Coverage100% coverage120% coverage without extra cost
StrengthProfiles with single rib 3 ribbed profiles with extra strength

Choose a colour and customize your